spa kids

Jungle Spa

A magical world of Spa to pamper and relax our children

Take advantage of your family vacation to make the most of your children and share with them a unique experience at Spa del Mar.


  • Jaguar & Panther massage: 25 min

    In a soft bed a few steps from the jungle or inside a fun cabin, we will pamper you with oils which smell delicious. Relax and immerse yourself in an imaginary jungle!
  • Raccoon Facial: 25 min

    Refreshing facial that maintains the natural hydration of the skin and protects it with delicious fruit extracts. Have fun like a raccoon while you take care of your skin!
  • Snake Body Wrap: 25 min

    Change skin with this fun relaxing body treatment. Enjoy delicious aromas and textures that will make your skin feel soft and shiny.


  • Bird Braids: 

    Fun designs with colorful gems to look radiant on your vacation.
  • Monkey Tattoos:

    The best prank of your vacation! Choose the drawing that you like the most and pretend having a real tattoo!
  • Crab Manicure:

    Delicate exfoliants and fruit masks accompanied by crab mittens. It will be the best way to pamper yourself and look spectacular during your vacation.
  • Crocodile Pedicure:

    Say goodbye to crocodile feet and enjoy our masks and fruit scrubs. Play with colors and make your treatment more fun!


spa kids

Relaxing experience

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Fun moments