Cookie notice and other important information

Several notice systems (first layer) about the use of cookies can be used, such as, for example:


Sandos Cookie Notice

Summary of regulations on cookies that may affect:

Cookie Guide of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD)

3.2.8. Renewal of consent

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB), in its guidelines on consent, recommends as best practice the renewal of consent at appropriate intervals. This Agency considers it to be good practice that the validity of the consent given by a user for the use of a given cookie does not exceed 24 months and that during this time the user's selection of preferences is retained, without the user being asked for a new consent each time he/she visits the page in question.

Cookies that do not require consent and for which no information is provided (such as the above notice or a cookie policy):

Allow only communication between the user's equipment and the network.

Strictly provide a service expressly requested by the user. In this sense, the WP29, in its Opinion of 4/2012, indicated that among the cookies,  those that have one of the purposes listed below are to be exempted:

  • "User-input" cookies 12.

  • User authentication or identification cookies (only for sessions).

  • User centric security cookies 13.

  • Media player session cookies.

  • Load balancing session cookies.

  • User interface customization cookies.

  • Certain social plug-in content sharing cookies 14.

12.Session and user-input cookies are typically used to track user actions when filling out online forms on various pages, or as a shopping cart to track items the user has selected by clicking a button.

13.For example, cookies used to detect repeated and erroneous attempts to connect to a website.

14.Exceptions only apply to users who have chosen to keep the session open.


Use of cookies guidelines for audience measurement tools

Analytical and audience measurement cookies that do not require consent (idem. above)

  • Audience measurement, page by page;
  • The list of pages from which a link has been followed to request the current page (sometimes called "referrer"), either internal or external to the site, by page and aggregated on a daily basis;
  • Determination of visitors' device type, browser and screen size, by page and aggregated on a daily basis;
  • Page load time statistics, per page and aggregated per hour;
  • Statistics on time spent per page, bounce rate, scroll depth, per page and aggregated on a daily basis.
  • Statistics on user actions (clicks, selections), per page and aggregated on a daily basis;
  • Statistics on the geographic area of origin of the requests, per page and aggregated on a daily basis.

Therefore, any further processing of the data beyond these lists by both the publisher and the provider must have the consent of the data subject in order to be considered lawful.

The lifetime of these cookies or similar technologies will be limited to a period that allows for meaningful comparison of audiences over time, such as a duration of thirteen months, and will not be automatically extended on new visits;

Information collected through these cookies or similar technologies will be retained for a maximum period of twenty-five months;