Eco Activities and Tours

You'll never get bored while experiencing the wonders of the Riviera Maya during your next vacation to the Playa del Carmen area! The All Nature Experience at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort has all-week activities for the entire family so you can easily explore the area’s lush jungles and natural cenotes, at no extra cost and without leaving the hotel.

An Experience for Everyone

Head out and explore the wild Riviera Maya, right here at the resort! Many eco activities come included with our All Nature Experience, giving you the opportunity to experience the resort’s incredible natural jungles with a variety of interactive experiences for kids and adults alike.


Now with our All Nature Experience at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, you can personalize your vacation even more by choosing one of our activity combo tours for a morning, afternoon or evening that focuses on the eco experience you crave. These six themed tours happen every week, taking you out into the most stunning natural settings the resort has to offer, like the lush green jungle, our refreshing natural cenotes, or the majestic Caribbean Sea. Each of our six tours provides a combination of back-to-back activities, all with the same theme. This way, you can choose the theme you want, then head out and experience the best activities for you, in just one outing. It’s the perfect personalized Riviera Maya nature experience! Best of all: it’s all included in your all inclusive plan.


· Soul of Nature

Connect your spirit with mother nature through three unforgettable experiences. We begin by charging our energy through Maya Mudras. Then, experience nature using all your senses on the Sensory Experience path, and end the tour by planting a tree so you can leave a piece of yourself behind at Sandos Caracol.


· Aquatic World

Explore the gorgeous waters of the Riviera Maya, starting with a kayak tour on the incomparable Caribbean Sea. Next, immerse yourself in the clear waters of a river running through the mangrove forest, and end the adventure by discovering the secrets of an ancient cenote.


· Adventure in the Jungle

Begin this incredible adventure with a bike tour through the lush Maya jungle. You’ll also have the chance to test your bravery on our fun-filled water slides, and complete your experience by competing with your friends in the Mayan Survival challenge, where skill and spirit are your best allies.


· Ancestral Cooking

Learn the secrets of an ancient recipe from Maya cuisine. We’ll cook a delicious meal using red hot stones in a river rock hole, then we’ll end this culinary tour by removing the cochinita pibil (Yucatan’s most famous dish) from an underground cooking pit.


· Maya World

Experience for yourself the wonders and mysteries of ancient Maya culture on this tour. You’ll delve into the underworld (kingdom of the dead) with the most famous legends from Maya culture. Next, you’ll be blown away as you learn to work stone like the great masters and capture your story forever. To end the tour, balance your energies with the universe through a ceremony by an authentic shaman.


· Nature and Survival

Explore the natural surroundings of Sandos Caracol and you’ll be amazed by the most captivating and wonderful plants and wildlife that live in the Riviera Maya. Venture across the suspension bridge and wander through the heart of this land, then learn all the tricks you’ll need to survive out in this inhospitable jungle.


To book your tour, just stop by the InfoCenter at the entrance to El Manglar Sports Bar, and our Eco Team will be happy to help you.


Swim through the clear waters of a river that runs between the roots of our mangrove forest.

Jade River Adventure

Swim through the clear waters of a river that runs between the roots of our mangrove forest.


Bird Watching

The Riviera Maya is home to many bird species; gaze up at the trees and skies during this guided walking tour through the resort.

maya enterrado tamal

Underground Maya Cooking

Learn how the Mayas prepare traditional recipes using an underground oven. In the evening, we dig up the fully-cooked dish to enjoy a memorable and traditional meal.


Bike Tour

Let us lead you along the bike path around the resort, taking you by some of our cenotes and into the jungle as you learn about Maya culture and history. (English & Spanish)

Romantic Boat Ride

Romantic Boat Ride

Book a boat ride for two with the concierge! You and that special someone will be taken along a river through the mangrove on this romantic Riviera Maya experience.


Kayak Tour

Head to the beach and take your kayak out on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea during this guided tour.

eco tour

Eco Tour

We’ll take you on a guided walk through the nature paths at Sandos Caracol; learn the secrets of the mangrove, the jungle, and the myths of Maya culture. (English & Spanish)

plan a tree

Plant a Tree

Create a memory of your stay by planting an indigenous tree here at the resort, the perfect way to commemorate your Riviera Maya experience.

eco actividades

Sensory Experience

You’ll be guided along a serene jungle path while blindfolded, allowing all your other senses to take over as you experience nature from a whole new perspective.


Snorkel in the Cenote

Our guide will tell you more about this ecosystem and what the cenotes meant in ancient Maya culture during this snorkel tour of our Cenote Cristalino.

animal keepers

Animal Keeper

The kids can join our Eco Team as they teach them how to care for the rescue animals living at our Mini Farm.



Face-painting for kids! A fun and simple activity that little ones are sure to love.