7 Non-Stop Beaches 7 Days a Week

Every day of your vacation, you’ll find a world of fun on our jaw-dropping beach.

Every day of the week, we’ll transport you to the world’s most amazing beaches so you can experience their food, music and dance. All this takes place on the best stage we have: our beach.

Weekly Program



Feel like a star as we head to the glamorous beaches of Malibu, California, a paparazzi hot spotknown for the residence of manycelebrities. Thanks to our fun activities, guests will forget all about the camera flashes.

Mechanical surf board, bikini fashion show, live music

copa cabana


A beach that indeed shows you the magic and excitement of Brazil through special Capoeira shows, a Zumba contest, soccer matches, and beach volleyball. You can even try the region’s traditional snacks.



Celebrate mid-week by the
warm turquoise waters of Playacar
with music, an authentic
Mexican fair, and a mechanical
bull; our guests can enjoy the
summer breeze and plenty of
fun while having a little taste of



Our guests will experience the
true spirit of the sea in Thailand
through contests for the
entire family, our sand Buddha,
Thai boxing, and the famous

Thai boxing, Buddha Bar, henna tattoos, Thai massage



We bring this East Coast
vacation spot, and it´s sunny
and artistic vibes to our white
sand shoreline with a day of
beach soccer, Florida Zumba,
and a mixed beach volleyball

Beach soccer, Florida Zumba, mixed world Cup, beach volleyball



We’re heading to the famous
island of Ibiza known throughout
the world for its stunning
beaches, pristine waters, and it’s
parties and nightclubs.

DJ session, paella, Champion’s League soccer



Let us show you all about one
love as we bring the island of
Jamaica to the Caribbean and
heighten your senses with a live
reggae band, a fish cookout,
and our famous Coconut Party!

Live reggae, fish cookout, kids’ pool party