Ocean & Volcano Experience

Inhale, Exhale

Breathe deeply

Live a unique wellbeing experience on the slopes of the Ocean & Volcano Experience, surrounded by native gardens and facing the Atlantic Ocean. Discover our new activities program and find the perfect balance between body and mind in a vacation of disconnection and in the magical nature of Lanzarote.

Breathe deeply
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Activities by Categories

Wellbeing Activities

Learn to breathe, unblock yourself, and decrease stress and anxiety. Find your inner energy.


Discover the wildest nature and feel the energy of the volcano and the ocean power  with our incredible routes.


Learn about the local gastronomy and discover how we use our organic garden. Also, all our crops are 100% organic.


Enjoy a vacation where you can interact with other people and share many activities. Have fun and have a good time!

Your Wellbeing Guide

Get to know him

I am Franck Montoro and I have been practicing meditation and different styles of Kung Fu Wushu for many years. One day, I had a very important personal experience that taught me the meaning of the phrase “we only have this moment”, and that since then has, for me, all the sense in the world. I decided to delve into the understanding of who I was in essence, and I began to look for answers and a guide that could help me transform who I was then.

At Sandos Atlantic Gardens we want to help you get to know yourself better and that you can connect with your body and mind to gain harmony and inner peace. We offer you a complete program of activities based on 3 pillars: wellbeing, sustainable and social. Either as a couple or with friends, after a well-deserved rest, you can return to the routine with a big smile and a lot of positive energy.

The environment of our wonderful hotel allows us to offer Ocean & Volcano Experience with which, through the balance that the 4 elements of nature give us and the activities that we have organized on a daily basis, it will allow you an immersion towards the path of well-being.

Lanzarote is the ideal destination for those seeking a getaway or wellness retreat. It is an island charged with the energy of volcanoes, the freshness of its ocean and the atypical beauty of its lunar landscapes.

Keep reading and discover our new experience. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Franck Montoro, Lanzarote. Photo by Guillaumes Chaplot©

Photo by Guillaumes Chaplot©

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