To be healthy we must not only take care of our body, we must do the same with our mind. The activities that Sandos Atlantic Gardens has prepared in our beautiful eco garden will help you every day to be as close to happiness.

And you can combine it with other activities such as meditation or trekking. 

Intro Eco Activities Sandos Atlantic Gardens

We invite you to do the activities that you can do in our eco garden

Produce in a organic way & harmony with nature

Integrative Ecological Agriculture

Integrative Ecological Agriculture Orchard Project allows us to integrate knowledge, take advantage of the experience of local farmers, local resources to obtain healthy food, of higher nutritional quality, respecting the life of the soil, people and the ecosystem.

We use our own crops for different uses within the hotel, for example, we use lavender for the rooms or aromatic plants to provide more flavor in some dishes that we serve in our corner km 0 of the restaurant.


Discover our garden

Learn to cultivate

Agriculture is a way of life. It allows you to feed yourself, but also others.

Benefits of the activity

One of the great virtues of taking care of an orchard or garden is that it serves to water, weed, fertilize, wait, pamper, observe, care, enjoy, learn, share, repeat and then try and continue enjoying. And also to relax, disconnect, reconnect, learn, wander, wander and thus make our mind impervious to everyday situations, achieving full emotional control to be able to make the best decisions at all times.

Curiosities of our work with the garden

Our gardeners Juan Jesús and Iván Carlos prune the garden and cut the grass, they take it for their livestock and they give us fertilizer for the garden and orchard and the orchard gives to the kitchen, the restaurant and the bar part of their fruits and kitchen gives to the garden usable remains such as eggshells, coffee grounds, food remains which go to the composter and from there to the garden as compost and so on again and again a true teamwork that takes advantage of natural resources by maximum!

Learn the growing process

What you will do in the activity

Plant seeds
Plant seeds

Learn how to prepare the soil for seeds.

Fertilize the plants
Fertilize the plants

Helps seeds sprout with specific products from the soil

Water the plants
Water the plants

Water the plants so they can grow healthy and strong


Disinfect the plants to avoid possible pests

Clean up
Clean up

Clean and prune plants so they grow strong


You get what you work for!


Learn to cook one of the most typical Canarian dishes

Gofio is one of the main food products of the Canary Islands, a flour made from roasted and ground wheat cereals. This dish has been made, served, and eaten for hundreds of years due to its high nutritional level. This dish helped the Guanche people survive the poverty in which the inhabitants of the islands endured some time ago.

Thanks to the strategic location of the Canary Islands, in many South American countries, it is a product used in local gastronomy.

You can learn to cook this dish and know about all of its properties and the many recipes in which they include in it. Make sure not to miss our gastronomic workshop!