What do you recommend to pack?
It depends on the season in which you visit us, but in general, we recommend you to bring beachwear and accessories such as:

  • Water shoes
  • Trekking shoes
  • A light cap or hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Snorkel mask
  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • Biodegradable mosquito repellent
  • Power adapter (220 to 110 volts)
  • Plus, we recommend you pack smart casual clothes for à la carte restaurants and a light jacket.

Can I pack something extra to help local communities?
Yes! Thanks to the Pack for a Purpose Program with the Sandos Foundation, our guests can bring with them some much-needed items which will be donated to local kids and their families to help them improve their living conditions. 
How is the weather at Sandos Finisterra?
We remind you that we are located in Los Cabos, so we have a tropical and dry climate; that is, we typically have sun almost all day and if it rains, the rainfall is usually short and light. Due to this, the area humidity level is medium to low.

What is the hotel beach like?
For safety reasons, our beach is not recommended for swimming, but it is perfect for sitting on the sand, enjoying the sea breeze and fresh air, taking walks with your family, or spending a romantic moment with your partner.

Does the hotel have stores?
Yes, within our facilities we have convenience stores where you will find basic necessities, as well as souvenirs.

At what age is considered an adult?
In Mexico, the age of majority begins at 18 years of age.

What currency should I travel with?
The stores accept Mexican pesos (MXN) and mostly US dollars (USD). Also, in some cases, they can accept euros (EUR).

Can I pay with a debit or credit card?
Yes, we accept most major credit and debit cards.

Are there ATMs in Los Cabos?
Yes, you can find ATMs in the city center, both in US dollars (USD) and in Mexican pesos (MXN).

Is it safe to exchange money at the exchange houses?
Yes it is safe. We recommend you attend well-established exchange houses and check other users' opinions on social networks or the internet about the place.

Is it advisable to go diving in the area?
Diving in Los Cabos is one of the most fun and requested activities by lovers of this sport due to a large amount of flora and fauna that inhabit the underwater ecosystem. Learn more about this activity and how to practice it here .

Will my phone work while I'm in Mexico?
In Mexico, practically all telephone networks work; however, we recommend that you verify the service and charges with your provider before traveling.

Do I need to speak Spanish?
Although coming to Mexico can be a great opportunity to practice Spanish, you don't need to speak it as most of our collaborators speak English very well.