Caribbean Highlights

Lunch served poolside

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It's lunch time!

A treat from our chefs

Every day of the week, we serve up outdoor theme lunches for our guests! Head to our different pool and beach areas to experience a new dish every day from the Caribbean region and beyond. It all starts at 12:45 p.m, just in time for lunchtime cravings, and yes of course it’s included!

Monday: Shawarma Party Indulge in exotic Middle Eastern flavors as we serve flavorful shawarmas.


Tuesday: Ceviche Fest (Select Club area only) One of the Caribbean’s most famous seafood dishes and a beachside favorite here in southern Mexico.


Wednesday: Spain Sensations Enjoy our recipe for paella, a traditional Spanish rice and seafood dish, but with our own Caribbean twist.


Thursday: Chef’s BBQ You’ll fall in love with incredible flavors thanks to our chef’s special barbecue recipes.


Friday: Fish Market (Royal Elite area only) Pick out, admire, and enjoy the catch-of-the-day, cooked to order the way you like it.


Saturday: Tacos & Tequila We’ll treat you to the most delicious kinds of real, authentic Mexican tacos.


Sunday: Pad Thai The flavors of Asia, served right here by the beautiful Caribbean Sea.




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12:45 p.m.