What to Pack for a Beach Resort in Mexico with Kids

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January 01, 2024

We all dream of that perfect beach vacation – toes sinking into warm sand, a gentle sea breeze, and zero worries about what you did (or didn't) pack. While I can't personally guarantee perfect weather, this guide can help ensure that once you arrive at your tropical paradise, you've got everything you need to relax and truly enjoy it!


1: Protecting Yourself from the Sun (and Bugs!)

Think of packing your sun protection as building an invisible suit of armor against those powerful rays. Start with the most important tool: sunscreen. Look for SPF 30 or higher, one that protects against UVA and UVB rays, and is water-resistant. Slather it on every two hours, and more often if you're sweating or swimming a lot. Even with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are key – and for the truly dedicated, lightweight UPF clothing offers even more coverage.

Speaking of unwanted attention, those pesky bugs can ruin a perfectly lovely evening. A good repellent, chosen based on what insects are common where you're headed, is a must. Reapply it as often as the label recommends, knowing you're protecting yourself from itchy bites!

Lastly, even with the best planning, sunburns happen. Aloe vera gel is your friend, cooling your skin and speeding up healing. It even works on minor scrapes or stings, keeping your vacation first aid kit simple.


2: Beachwear That's Functional and Stylish

Sure, you want cute swimsuits and breezy outfits, but comfort matters just as much! Wide-brimmed hats protect little ones' faces, and don't forget sunglasses for everyone – protecting your eyes from those harsh rays is vital. For clothing, loose, light layers are surprisingly more sun-safe than tight clothes.

Flip-flops are essential for navigating the sand, but if your beach has rocks or shells, consider water shoes to protect your feet. Beyond the beach, you'll want comfy sneakers or hiking sandals for exploring, and something a bit nicer for dinners out, just in case your resort has fancier restaurants.


3: Staying Hydrated and Helping the Planet

taying hydrated on a beach vacation is crucial for both your health and enjoyment. But scorching temperatures, outdoor activities, and the excitement of it all can leave you feeling parched quickly. That's where reusable cups, bottles, and thermoses become your best friends!

  • Beat the Heat, Stay Refreshed: Reusable containers keep your water colder for longer, encouraging you to drink consistently on even the hottest days. Insulated options even let you enjoy warm drinks beachside on those cooler mornings.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Imagine the vast amount of plastic cups and bottles used at a single resort in just one day. Choosing reusable dramatically reduces your environmental impact, protecting those beautiful beaches and the marine life that call them home.
  • Sizes for Every Need: Make sure there's the perfect reusable cup for each member of your family. Small, leak-proof ones are ideal for kids, while larger sizes quench the thirst of active teens and adults – fewer refill trips needed!
  • Pro Tip: Many resorts have refill stations specifically for reusable bottles, making this eco-conscious choice extra convenient.

By making reusable drinkware a part of your beach vacation packing, you're taking care of yourself and the planet. It's a win-win for everyone! 


4: Versatile Clothes for Day and Night

Pack with a clear idea of your activities in mind. You'll need the obvious beach basics: multiple swimsuits, breezy coverups in bright colors, shorts, and t-shirts. If you plan on resort-based activities or excursions, add in workout wear appropriate for the climate.

For casual dinners and exploring outside the resort, pack jeans, comfy but presentable pants, and a few nicer tops. Finally, check if your resort has any restaurants with a dress code and pack one or two outfits that fit their requirements. Knowing about laundry service at your destination can also help you determine how much clothing you truly need to bring.


5: Making It Feel Like a Home Away From Home

Even the most seasoned travelers, especially kids, can feel a little out of sorts in new places. Bringing a few small comforts from home can make a world of difference. That favorite stuffed bear, a well-loved blanket, or even just a pillowcase sprayed with your usual fabric softener for a familiar scent can help ease any bedtime anxieties.

Don't forget about downtime! A pre-downloaded audiobook, some e-books, or even a small travel art kit (think watercolors that pack flat) can provide hours of relaxed entertainment for both kids and adults.


6: Best Beach Toys for Kids: Building Castles, Digging for Treasure, and Making Memories

The beach itself is a giant playground, but a few well-chosen toys elevate the fun factor exponentially! Here's what to pack to keep kids of all ages happily entertained:

Toddlers and Preschoolers

  • The Classic Bucket & Shovel Set: The foundation of every sandcastle! Look for sturdy plastic sets in bright colors. Bonus points if it includes some fun molds for creating sea creatures.
  • Small Watering Can: Perfect for carrying water without spills, and doubles as a "shower" for rinsing off sandy creations.
  • Mesh Bag: Ideal for collecting shells and treasures, the sand falls right through, so you don't drag half the beach back to your room.

School-Aged Kids

  • Kite: On breezy days, a simple kite adds a thrilling new dimension and builds coordination skills.
  • Larger Shovel: Time for those ambitious moats and multi-story sandcastles! A longer-handled shovel makes digging easier.
  • Frisbee or Beach Ball: Easy to pack and provide endless active fun both on the sand and in the shallow waves.

Teens and 'Tweens

  • Snorkeling Gear: If your beach has calm waters and reefs to explore, snorkeling opens up a new world. Make sure the mask and fins fit well to prevent leaks.
  • Waterproof Speaker: Perfect for setting the mood for a sandcastle competition or a beach dance party with friends.
  • Sports Equipment: A football, spikeball set, or even a compact badminton net provides active entertainment for the whole family.


  • Sand-Free Towels: Invest in these – they'll make post-beach clean-up so much easier!
  • Beach Wagon: If you've got lots of gear, a collapsible wagon saves parents from too many trips.

With these toys in your arsenal, your kids will be begging to stay at the beach all day!


Your Next Beach Vacation is Waiting

The countdown to your beach adventure begins now! Imagine those warm ocean breezes, the laughter of your kids building sandcastles, the taste of a refreshing drink as the sun sets... This guide has given you the tools for a flawless trip – all that's left is to enjoy every second of it.