What is Cancun Known For? Reasons to Visit Mexico’s most Popular Tourist Destination

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January 13, 2024

Cancun is know for white sand beaches, nightlife, water sports, Mayan ruins, nature, and some of the best all inclusive resorts in the world. These are just a few of the things that bring ten million tourists to Cancun, Mexico every year.


10 Reasons to Visit Cancun, Mexico 

Here are 7 reasons for you to visit Cancun for your next vacation.

1. Yoga Sessions

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If you like active mornings, we recommend that you bring your activewear, sunglasses and a good pair of headphones. In addition to the gym included in your stay at Sandos Cancun, the northwestern end of Kukulkan Avenue (the city’s Hotel Zone) is an amazing place to walk each morning while taking in the lovely scenery, from Kilometer Zero to Kilometer Nine.

During your walk, you’ll meet other runners, in-line skaters and people walking their pets, which turns the area into a small and healthy community of people who love fresh air and nature.

2. Healthy Breakfast

On the other hand, if you want to walk through the “real Cancun”, we recommend that you visit Market 28, which you can easily reach by public transport from Sandos Cancun. This market mainly sells Mexican crafts, perfect for bringing souvenirs back home, and our visitors love it!

Within Market 28, you’ll find some mouthwatering Yucatecan food, snacks and seafood, so we recommend ordering a sample dish that has a bit of all the region’s traditional dishes.

3. Entertainment

Sandos Blog Cancun Things To Do


In addition to its famous nightlife, this destination also boasts plenty of culture and history, and you can’t miss one of the city jewels; the Maya Museum of Cancun “protects one of the most significant archaeological collections of the country’s Maya culture, including not only the most important pieces from the state of Quintana Roo, but a selection of emblematic pieces from the sites of Palenque, Chichen Itza, and Comalcalco, among other sites represented,” according to the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

You can also appreciate local, national, and even international art at the local theater “Teatro de Cancun”, located in the Hotel Zone, where plays, musicals, concerts and various shows astonish and entertain the whole family. Take a look at the billboard here.

4. White Sand Beaches

Sandos Blog Cancun Things To Do


Of course, one of the main reasons this destination is so popular is because of its dazzling turquoise blue sea and white sand, which has led Cancun to be the most recognized Mexican tourist destination in the world (and number six among Mexican tourists).

One of the most popular beaches in Mexico, according to TripAdvisor, is Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach), a favorite among tourists and locals alike. You can walk along the lookout point and enjoy an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and its different colors.

5. Relaxation

Sandos Blog Cancun Things To Do


With the beach, the ocean, and the Nichupte Lagoon, the city of Cancun boasts many water activities like boat rides or even paddleboard lessons.

There are even tours in Cancun that include spending time snorkeling and even dancing on a catamaran. We recommend that you research different options and choose the one that best suits your needs, and you can ask our tour guide friends at Seek and Go for guidance. For example, if you’re traveling with your family, you may want to look for something more active where you can hang out with other tourists, but if you’re traveling as a couple, maybe you could consider renting a private tour of the Caribbean Sea. Sounds good, right?

If you like to push your limits, you can’t miss an afternoon of windsurfing or sailing, which will challenge your skills and knowledge of the wind. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the class prior to the activity.

If you’re looking for more adrenaline, you’re sure to find it with some kite surfing! In Cancun there are different modalities of this sport that allow you to appreciate the immensity of the Caribbean Sea and its intense colors.

6. Shopping

Whether it’s day or night, Cancun’s shopping centers offer more than a traditional mall can offer.

With a privileged location, Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center is surrounded by nature, a golf course and a marina, as well as having Mexican and international brands within its shops and restaurants.

On the other hand is La Isla Shopping Village, which stands out for having a small canal that runs through the outdoor mall and leads to the Nichupte Lagoon, and whose exclusive shops will please even the most demanding buyers.

7. Nightlife

Sandos Blog Cancun Things To Do


Your vacation to Cancun MUST include at least one night of partying, and there are many options to choose from! Among the most popular nightclubs are Mandala, Coco Bongo, Congo Bar, Palazzo, La Vaquita and The City.

Clubs brighten up the Hotel Zone every night, so we recommend that you buy your tickets before arriving and get to the Party Center area early; that way, if there’s an earlier nighttime show, you can enjoy it from start to finish.

We advise you to drink in moderation and use a cab or city bus for transportation since there’s usually an “open bar” at every club.

This destination welcomes families, couples, solo travelers, large and small groups every day with its hundreds of things to do in Cancun.

If you want to live the Cancun that millions of tourists have fallen in love with, remember to do a little research before arriving, not only online, but also with those who have already come to enjoy its paradisiacal views. Looking for a reason to travel? See here why traveling to Sandos is the best option in 2020. 


8. Diving and Snorkeling Paradise


Cancun isn't just about looking at the ocean, it's about getting IN it! Snorkelers and divers, prepare to be dazzled by the Mesoamerican Reef. Never held a mask in your life? No worries! Guided tours make it easy for newbies to spot sea turtles and a rainbow of fish. Feeling adventurous? Explore cenotes, those magical freshwater sinkholes – some even have cave diving for the truly daring. But the coolest part? Cancun's Underwater Museum! It's art you swim through, AND it helps rebuild the reef. Mind blown!


9. Rich Ancient Mayan History and Culture Awaits

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Yep, you can chill on the beach AND walk in the footsteps of ancient Maya civilizations. Chichen Itza, one of the world wonders, is a day trip away. But if mega-crowds aren't your thing, check out smaller gems like Coba, where you can still climb pyramids. Pro tip: Combine those ruins with a traditional Mayan lunch – now THAT's cultural immersion.



10. Non Stop Adventure

Sure, the ziplines and ATVs are a blast, but Cancun's adventure parks take it to a whole new level. Imagine a day where you:

  • Soar through the jungle canopy: Dedicated zipline parks like Xplor let you fly over lush landscapes, with some circuits reaching heart-pounding heights!
  • Channel your inner Indiana Jones: Combine off-roading with exploring ancient ruins at places like Xenotes Oasis Maya. Navigate bumpy tracks in buggies or ATVs, then cool off with a refreshing dip in a hidden cenote.
  • Become a whitewater rafting pro (almost!): Several parks offer man-made whitewater rapids, perfect for experiencing the thrill of rafting without the risk of a real river. Xavage Park is a great option, with rapids that wind through the jungle.
  • Challenge yourself on an amphibious adventure: Xplor lets you pilot amphibious vehicles through flooded caves and jungle trails, adding a whole new dimension to your exploration.
  • Go spelunking (light version): Some parks offer cenote dives or snorkeling, where you can explore the underwater world of these mystical sinkholes.
  • Fly like a superhero (almost!): If you're feeling truly adventurous, try the "Superman" zipline at Xplor Fuego. This nighttime adventure park lets you soar over the jungle with the Caribbean Sea glittering below, all illuminated by torches!


Gorgeous hotels, buzzing nightlife – that's the Cancun everyone knows. But dig a little deeper and you'll find experiences you won't get anywhere else on Earth. Now THAT'S the kind of vacation story worth telling!