What Do The Beach Flag Colors Mean?

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July 25, 2018

When you go on a family vacation, have you wondered what the beach flags mean?

If you've been to a beach in Mexico, you may have noticed that there are some flags of different colors on the beaches, whether it's a public beach or the beach in front of a hotel. Read on to find out the meaning of the flags.

In Mexico, there are four different types of beach flags to distinguish sea conditions and inform visitors.

If you’re wondering how to know if a beach is safe to swim, these indicative flags will tell you in a visual and very simple way, so we recommend you always pay attention to beach flag colors and invite your loved ones to do so, too.

What Green Beach Flags Mean?

The sea conditions are safe to swim. This flag is a favorite for families because they can feel safe when they see their children swimming along the shore and making sandcastles.

What Yellow Beach Flags Mean?

Sea conditions require caution, but you can swim carefully. When the yellow flag is hoisted, adults and children can swim but always remember to keep an eye on your loved ones.

What Red Beach Flags Mean?

Sea conditions are dangerous and require extreme caution. If you are going to swim, do it with severe caution.

What Black Beach Flags Mean?

The conditions of the sea are extremely dangerous; do not swim or enter the water. Even if you are Michael Phelps, the sea is stronger than any human being, so we ask you not to swim under the black flag if you want to avoid an incident.

If you’re visiting a beach in Mexico and you still have doubts because maybe you see the red flag but everyone’s happily swimming in the ocean, you can go to the lifeguard stand where they will be able to inform you of what the raised flag means at that moment.

Also remember to take into account that the sea and the weather are unpredictable, in addition to making use of your common sense to decide whether or not to enter the ocean. You can take certain basic measures such as not entering the water if you have just ingested food or drinks, especially alcohol.

After taking every precaution for some reason you still can not enter the ocean, remember that there are many other beach activities like Zumba classes, meditation, sand castles, and even beach volleyball. Did you know that at Sandos Caracol you can play against the resort managers every Monday afternoon?

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