Kermes The Traditional Mexican Fiesta has arrived to Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos

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June 20, 2019

Now, you may have read the title and thought to yourself, what is a kermes? Well, we are here to tell you that it is unlike ANY Mexican Fiesta you have seen or heard about, and if the sounds of that entice you, you're in luck because at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos we will make sure you know very well what an authentic and traditional Mexican kermes is like. If you are not in Los Cabos to enjoy this incredible party, don't worry because, at Sandos Caracol, you can indulge in "Vive Mexico," another authentic Mexican entertainment program.

Kermes is a form of celebration very similar to a carnival or festival but with A LOT of Mexican activities and games. This event is usually done outdoors, and it is common to run into several typical local foods, drinks, sweets, and Mexican snacks such as "churros", corn, and cotton candy.

Mexican games

Mexican games are so important that they are one of the things that make or break this fiesta. And well, if you come to Mexico, you will want to know their traditions, and what better way than through games?

From marbles to mini horse races, you are sure to become familiar with a lot of traditional Mexican games, and if you become confused about how to play them all you have to do is find someone from Mexico and let them show you the ropes! We wouldn't suggest challenging them tho; they have been playing these games since they were kids during the kermes in their towns!

Traditional Mexican food

There's no way you can go to a traditional Mexican Fiesta and not expect fantastic food. After all, in Mexico, food is everything! At a traditional kermes, you will discover the full range of gastronomy in Mexico and how it is considered a heritage of humanity for its apparent infinite diversity. Each week it is likely that the menu may vary slightly, but we assure you that it will be as tasty and traditional.

You won't believe how diverse the food is and how real the expression "food brings everyone together" is in Mexico. Each part of Mexico has some kind of food that originates from that part of the country! For example, from the Northeast of the country comes enchiladas, from the Yucatan Peninsula comes "cochinita pibil" (pork meat), and from Jalisco comes the "pozole" (a Mexican stew). One fun fact about the food in Mexico is that there are over 5 thousand styles of "tamales in the whole country. Now you may be thinking, what about the tacos? Well, at this point, if you're coming to Mexico, they already present themselves!

In a kermes, Mexican food is undoubtedly the star of this celebration, so we suggest you stay hungry before coming to this fiesta because you're going to want to try ALL of the mouthwatering food!

What days is the kermes celebrated in Sandos Finisterra

Sandos Finisterra celebrates this Mexican fiesta every Tuesday at the Plaza Finisterra at 6 pm, make sure to check it out with all your family and friends and indulge in the vast selection of Mexican food and games as well as other surprises.

Do not forget to visit this traditional event on your next visit to Cabo San Lucas in Sandos Finisterra and see just exactly why Mexico is so great as it brings together games, food, music, and of course people through a fun and memorable coexistence.