Live the Wellness experience

Live an unforgettable experience where relaxation and well-being will be your travel companion on your next vacation. Discover all of our healthy activities such as yoga, aqua wellness, self-massage workshop, and learn how to prepare healthy cocktails. Enjoy a wide variety of treatments and services at the SPA center and taste the best chocolate in the region with our famous tasting and subsequent visit to the factory.


Sandos Monaco spa

Sandos Monaco spa

Relaxation in a quiet and intimate environment


At Sandos Monaco, we prioritize your well-being, so we offer you a variety of activities that will allow you to enjoy your vacation without stress.


  •  Self-massage workshop: this workshop will help you take care of your body by teaching you how to give yourself a relaxing massage. If you are interested, you can ask them to send you additional information via email.


  • Aqua wellness: we will perform different exercises in the Spa pool, sure to help your body relax. In the end, seasonal fruit and nuts will be served to re-energize your body.


  • Treatment center *: you can choose from a wide variety of treatments performed by experts promised to will leave you 100% recovered from the stresses of every day.


  • Hydrotherapy circuit *: enjoy the perfect facilities that help relax your body and renew your energy. The spa is equipped with a sauna, a Turkish bath, ice waterfall, jacuzzi, footbath, cold pool, a heated pool with jets, hydromassage hammocks, and waterfalls.


* Service with extra cost



Sandos Monaco Sauna


Sandos Monaco spa tratamientos masajes


Sandos Monaco talleres saludables


We take care of you during your vacation!


Your well-being is our main objective. With Live the Wellness Experience, you can learn to relax with our workshops and taste healthy chocolates, cheeses, or cocktails. Here we explain what each activity consists of.


  •  Yoga class: we will perform a series of basic yoga asanas. After the yoga exercises, we will have a healthy tea to finish taking care of our bodies. If you are interested, you can ask them to send you additional information about complementary yoga exercises via email.


  • Healthy cocktails workshop: learn how to make healthy cocktails that will allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks while caring for your body. We explain their properties so that you can become an expert!


  • Chocolate workshop: taste a variety of local chocolates that will sweeten your day. Also, you can visit the factory where the magic of chocolate takes place.
Sandos Monaco cata chocolate

Chocolate tasting

Sandos Monaco clase de yoga

Yoga class