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The Local Maya Community and Culture

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The Riviera Maya is so much more than just beaches and jungle; its people also form an important part of this unforgettable destination. At Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we offer our guests various opportunities to support and get to know the communities of the Riviera Maya through our collaboration with different organizations. 


The Riviera Maya and surrounding areas are still home to small villages with deeply engrained Maya heritage, meaning that centuries-old traditions and customs are still alive today within the local community.


Sandos Caracol has been working with the local community for several years to create productive projects alongside the Maya people of this region so that they can share their traditions with our guests. People from nearby Maya villages come to Sandos Caracol to set up handicraft markets at the resort selling vibrant and authentic crafts, clothing and more. 


Pack for a Purpose


If you have extra space in your suitcase when packing for your Riviera Maya vacation, you can take advantage of that space to bring donations for the people of the Maya community. Sandos Caracol works with the Pack for a Purpose organization so that our guests can bring clothing, school supplies and household items to donate to the local villages. A few times a year, Sandos Caracol staff goes to the villages to directly hand out your donations. Find the most-needed items list here.


How You Can Stay Eco-Friendly During Your Stay and Contribute


Not only does Sandos Caracol have an extensive list of eco-friendly programs for recycling, beach cleaning, wildlife, and the local community, we also make it easy for our guests to give back to the environment and minimize their carbon footprint during their stay! Here are a few eco tips for your next Playa del Carmen vacation:

  • Use our famous Sandos reusable plastic cups for your drinks and cocktails
  • Say “no” to straws and avoid unnecessary waste 
  • Commemorate your stay by planting an endemic tree species with our Plant a Tree activity 
  • Participate in Pack for a Purpose by bringing new clothing, school supplies, and household items to donate to the local Maya community 
  • Use our marked bins to separate your organic and inorganic trash 
  • Care for local wildlife: keep a safe distance and don’t feed the wild animals 
  • Learn about the local ecosystems and culture on our daily Eco Tours 
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen when swimming in the ocean 
  • Discover the region’s Maya and Mexican culture by visiting our four annual All-Nature Experience events: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Day of the Dead
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