Community service

Our people need us!

At the Sandos Foundation, we’re fully tuned in to the needs of our community, and we show our support through education, orientation, and even visual health assistance. For this very reason, we visit small communities in the Riviera Maya to share and develop programs that provide huge benefits that improve the lives of children and adults living in the region.


Thanks to collective efforts that range from donations provided by Sandos guests to the improvement of rural school buildings in the area, the Sandos Foundation has been able to improve the lives of Riviera Maya families and students, as well as offer donations to non-governmental organizations and public institutions alike. "

Our endeavors

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Adopt a School

Education is vital for our childhood development, which is why we support the community by improving their school infrastructure to provide a befitting space where local children can learn.



We visit schools in the Zona Maya to strengthen education by handing out packages of school supplies donated by guests through the Pack for a Purpose program, and we also offer additional services with help


Institutional Strength

Sandos is committed to the community, which is why we contribute to social wellbeing by helping different sectors, from non-governmental organizations to public institutions.