Keep fit during your holidays Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

Walk and yoga

Keep fit in the perfect location

Take advantage of our stunning environmental reserve, by walking throughout the reserve and end it with a yoga lesson to feel like new.

What's it about?

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the most effective ways to improve endurance and to burn more fat because it improves the body’s ability to oxidize glucose and fats. Metabolizing glucose in a more effective way will make our endurance noticeably better, while metabolizing fat allows us to decrease our percent body fat (leading to improvements in our physical performance). Yoga, on the other hand, is more of a discipline than a sport because it’s not just about improving the body, but also improving the mind and spirit through different poses. Yoga poses, called “asanas”, are yoga exercises that unite the body and the mind. It’s not about imitating a certain yoga pose, it’s about achieving the balance and concentration of that pose with the right breathing. In yoga, it’s important to remember proper breathing: proper yoga breathing leads to relaxation, which leads to meditation. Remember that yoga is also beneficial for the mind and spirit, not just the body.


What will we be doing?

  • We’ll leave the hotel grounds and walk to the activity’s meeting point; this walk is an essential warm-up that gives us 10-15 minutes of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio until we reach the activity location, a flat space set within the environmental reserve. Then, you’ll be given the opportunity to reach a state of full relaxation during the activity. At the end, we will walk back to the hotel.


ITINERARY: 15 min LISS, 40 min yoga, 15 min

LISS TOTAL TIME: 70 minutes of activity (approximately)