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There's a type of room for each of our guests.

Deluxe Ocean View

If you're an "Ocean Viewer" vacationer and the Atlantic views are a priority for you, the Deluxe Ocean View Room is your choice.


The Suite is the perfect choice for:

  • Families, as it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, together with a fantastic balcony with a double sunbed.
  • It's also ideal when you prefer to have separate living space so you can keep watching TV while your partner is taking a siesta.
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Sandos San Blas Suite

Sandos San Blas Suite

It will make your stay extra special

Enjoy a relaxing bedroom as well as a separate living room, your own private escape where you can kick back and rest after an exciting day in Sandos San Blas Nature Hotel in Tenerife.

Deluxe Ocean View Room Sandos San Blas

Deluxe Ocean View

Fall in love with our ocean views

Feel all of the warmth and friendliness that the Canary Islands are known for in our serene Deluxe Ocean View rooms. Each and every one of these 73 well-appointed guestrooms combines modern luxury with the area’s natural surroundings for a tranquil escape.