Keep fit in our environmental reserve at Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf


Enjoy the nature

Take advantage of our natural reserve by trekking through our mountain route. Apart from doing some sport, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic views of the local flora and fauna.

What's it about?

  • Setting a varied and dynamic itinerary is a must when it comes to creating our day-to-day activities, which is why we love to use our natural surroundings. The environmental reserve is a treasure that combines cultural identity, nature and gorgeous landscapes. Why not enjoy these elements in an activity? Exploring the environmental reserve is one of our main goals, which is why we’ve implemented our trekking experience.


  • Trekking is an aerobic activity that benefits our circulatory system. Since trekking is a cardiovascular activity, it strengthens our hearts, which can help us to prevent possible cardiac issues and maintain optimal blood pressure levels. Trekking also benefits our muscles and bones. The muscles that we’ll work the most are the lower body muscles, especially our quadriceps and glutes when we incorporate uphill and downhill slopes into our route. The bones are also strengthened and given an increased bone density with this activity, something that’s especially important for women in preventing osteoporosis. When it comes to outdoor activities, trekking also encourages us to breathe in purer air than walking around the city, and we can leave our everyday responsibilities behind.


What will we be doing?

  • We’ll leave the hotel grounds and walk along a route determined by factors like the heat, the guests’ desired level of difficulty, and how long the guests want to participate.


Short route: About 45 minutes

Long route: About 60 – 70 minutes