Discover more about our Environmental Reserve at Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf

Visit San Blas Environmental Reserve

Learn culture in a fun and entertaining way. Plenty of surprises await you.

Our guided tours are for all people who visit the island of Tenerife, either as customers of the hotel with a discount, or as regular outside visitors who want to take part in the tour. The available languages are: Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Italian and Russian. Every day we have different languages so it is important to book in advance (each group allows for 20 people maximum). We have divided this visit into 3 sections or stages: Multimedia Museum, Historical Experience Tunnel and path through the San Blas ravine:

Multimedia museum

  • Learn about the natural phenomena hidden behind the San Blas Reserve. You will see step by step how this volcanic earth was formed and how, years later, humans would use the natural resources of this area for their day-to-day lives.


San Blas ravine trail

  • Guided tour by our expert guides on the trails, enjoying a live experience of fauna, flora and landscape, as well as many other surprises that will certainly awaken your curiosity to learn more about the history of the place. We recommend you to wear comfortable shoes, water and a hat.


Historical experience tunnel

  • The Historical Experience Tunnel is a unique multisensory trip where you will have the opportunity to travel millions of years into the past and witness some emotional and significant past moments of the place.


Afternoon tour without guide

  • For people who can’t walk through the Environmental Reserve, we have prepared a visit to the Multimedia Museum and Historical Experience Tunnel. Considering this information, it’s completely optional to go on your own with a map to the Environmental Reserve.


It's important to book in advanced +34 922 74 90 10 or at reception