What would you do to enjoy your days by the Caribbean?

While you’re on your beach vacation, we’re sure you have thousands of plans. Each trip is different, and each person enjoys the beach according to their personality. Answer this quiz to discover what type of beach person you are.





Is Playa del Carmen your ideal destination?

Discover the type of travelers who would enjoy this paradisiac place

Routine’s got you, but you are ready to leave it behind. Mexico comes to your mind, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You also immediately think about Playa del Carmen with its heavenly beaches. However, you are still unsure if this is the right choice for your vacation in 2018. It’s quite simple to find out! Guide yourself with these answers and if you agree with at least one, you are in and Playa is just right for you.







Don´t let incertitude stop you: Visit the Spa

Solve your doubts, beat the anxiety and get your first massage at the spa, your body and soul will be thankful

When going to the spa, it’s a fact that we’re expecting to enjoy a pleasant day full of aromatic scents, magical therapists and a relaxing escape where we will feel free and energized.

Well, the reality is that for some people, it’s quite the opposite. It might be we have never been to a spa, we had a bad experience, or we are just too caught up inside our own heads.





Travel guide for Playa del Carmen

Transportation tips for people traveling to the Riviera Maya


The Riviera Maya is well-known as the most important tourism destination in Mexico. It takes less than a minute inside the Cancun International Airport to spot all kinds of travelers: backpackers, all inclusive guests, honeymooners, families, culture-lovers and so on. Every traveler has their own way to move around the city, so let us show you all the options, and then you can pick the best for you. However, choosing Sandos as your home in Mexico is already a great head start!





Barry white

Barry Ivan White at Playacar

Come to Playa del Carmen and relive the songs that defined an era

Get ready to live a memorable night with Barry Ivan White! 


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Staying fit on an all inclusive vacation

Guests’ guide to having fun, enjoying delicious food and being healthy at Sandos Playacar

It’s really easy to forget our routine when you come to a place with stunning views, amazing culinary experiences and fun adventures. And that’s the main reason we travel! But let’s face it, if we could choose to enjoy it all and still return home with a fit body, we would definitely do it.




playa de noche

It doesn’t just happen in the movies: Falling in love at a Caribbean Resort

A real love story at Playacar

We've all experienced the bittersweet feeling of a summer love... Can you imagine how it would be if it were your first one? One of our guests witnessed a touching case of real summer love. Find out more about a beautiful adventure based on a true story. 

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Supporting mexican talent at the Oceanman Open Water 2017

Lucila was the first woman of Quintana Roo participating on this competition


Sandos Hotels & Resorts accompanies Lucila Navarese, a Mexican athlete, to compete at the Oceanman Swim in Benidorm, Spain




instituto sandos graduacion

How do we continue to improve the quality of our service?

Our Sandistas go through in-house training to provide better service.

The Sandos Hotels & Resorts staff graduates from Sandos Institute, highlighting the mutual commitment between human resources and the company.