Stories at Sandos Playacar

instituto sandos graduacion

How do we continue to improve the quality of our service?

Our Sandistas go through in-house training to provide better service.

The Sandos Hotels & Resorts staff graduates from Sandos Institute, highlighting the mutual commitment between human resources and the company.







Supporting mexican talent at the Oceanman Open Water 2017

Lucila was the first woman of Quintana Roo participating on this competition


Sandos Hotels & Resorts accompanies Lucila Navarese, a Mexican athlete, to compete at the Oceanman Swim in Benidorm, Spain




playa de noche

It doesn’t just happen in the movies: Falling in love at a Caribbean Resort

A real love story at Playacar

We've all experienced the bittersweet feeling of a summer love... Can you imagine how it would be if it were your first one? One of our guests witnessed a touching case of real summer love. Find out more about a beautiful adventure based on a true story. 

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