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What Do Beach Warning Flags Mean?

What Do Beach Warning Flags Mean?

When you go on a family vacation, have you wondered what the beach flags means?

If you’ve been to a beach in Mexico, you may have noticed that there are some flags of different colors on the beaches, whether it’s a public beach or the beach in front of a hotel. Read on to find out the meaning of the flags.




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Why it’s so important to keep our beaches clean

We are a key player in this important task

Today, we know a lot of ways to play our part when it comes to the conservation of our environment, but do you know the extent of your actions every time you are on vacation?

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Is Playa del Carmen your ideal destination?

Discover the type of travelers who would enjoy this paradisiac place

Routine’s got you, but you are ready to leave it behind. Mexico comes to your mind, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You also immediately think about Playa del Carmen with its heavenly beaches. However, you are still unsure if this is the right choice for your vacation in 2018. It’s quite simple to find out! Guide yourself with these answers and if you agree with at least one, you are in and Playa is just right for you.







Staying fit on an all inclusive vacation

Guests’ guide to having fun, enjoying delicious food and being healthy at Sandos Playacar

It’s really easy to forget our routine when you come to a place with stunning views, amazing culinary experiences and fun adventures. And that’s the main reason we travel! But let’s face it, if we could choose to enjoy it all and still return home with a fit body, we would definitely do it.