The powers of nature

These soothing experiences blend cutting edge technology with natural elements like gems, ocean-based ingredients, and regional ingredients from our resort destinations to create unique rituals that embody the spirit of our spa.

Sea Whisper 100’

Our signature ritual: Awaken your senses when receiving the benefits of this ocean ritual. A seaweed-based body treatment, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow to purify the body. Complemented by a black pearl-based facial treatment that fights facial fatigue while decongesting and detoxifying. A unique and unforgettable sensory experience.


Blissful Gems 100’

This luxurious mineral experience combats premature aging, fatigue, and accumulated stress, using an innovative exfoliating massage technique and based on the powers of gems. A holistic therapy that balances the body and harmonizes the senses through a ritual that places quartz on the main energy points.


Ancient Wisdom 100’

A couple’s ritual with pre-Hispanic inspiration, ideal for connecting with nature. Enjoy an exquisite and relaxing massage complemented by the healing powers of copal and medicinal plants. This treatment fights anxiety, enhances concentration, releases tension, and helps regain well-being.


Agave Healing 100’

A traditional Mexican experience through facial and body treatments using the extracts of ancient plants like Blue Agave and Aloe Vera. The skin is wrapped in healing balms that give an immediate cooling and comforting sensation. This treatment prevents premature aging while hydrating and relieving skin damaged by the sun and the environment.


Moon Light

A romantic couple’s experience where the ocean waves, the moonlight and the stars provide the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable date. Enjoy an exclusive and relaxing massage that will carry you to a state of balance, rest and tranquility. Celebrate this special moment with a toast by the ocean shore.