5 Resort Myths Debunked by My Recent Stay at

Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort

When I travel, I like to move around, explore cities or nature, and generally not be confined to one area. With that in mind, I never really had the desire to visit the all-inclusive resort scene of the Caribbean.

The only time I had stayed at a resort was 10 years ago with my parents in Mexico and I don’t recall loving the resort scene. As the years progressed and I continued traveling on my own, the idea of going to an all-inclusive resort didn’t tickle my fancy, mostly because I had a lot of pre-supposed ideas about what a stay at an all-inclusive resort meant for me as a traveler. However, I recently visited Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort in Cancun, Mexico, on a press trip and I must say — they debunked so many myths and false ideas that I had about all-inclusive resorts.


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