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Wellbeing Activities


Meditation is an ancient practice that provides benefits for mental and emotional well-being. 

By meditating we do something much more practical: develop qualities such as mindfulness, compassion, and optimism.

And manage difficulties such as stress, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts.

Chi Kung
Chi Kung

Chi kung teaches you to gain serenity and self-confidence. And counteract stress through stillness, breathing, and body exercises. 

The purpose of chikung is to restore harmony at any moment, not only to heal but to prevent any bodily disease.

Also, balance energy so that it flows freely acting on a physical, mental and mental level.

Tibetan bowls
Tibetan bowls

Through the cosmic and natural sounds we experience a sound journey inward, we feel a lot of relief.

Gongs and bowls allow deep calming of emotions, mind and body. How does Gong bath with Tibetan Bowls work?

Sound waves from instruments enter our cells like waves of the sea and relax tensions, eliminate stress. 



It allows to center the mind, calm the fire of the heart, open the tissues in all directions, improve balance, and make the tissues and muscles of the body more flexible. Allows better blood flow throughout the system.


It allows you to experience what is called "developing the silk thread"; or how to obtain a movement of the whole body, harmonious, and simultaneous of all its parts, from the soles of the feet to the fingers of the hands.

An excellent work on the tissues, thanks to the spiral movement of the body.You start with one side, then the other, and finally you do both at the same time.


Another exercise that allows to develop the "silk thread", while strengthening the legs, and massaging the internal organs, thanks to its twisting movements. Also excellent practice to improve balance, make all tissues more flexible in a calm and soft way.

This exercise stimulates the movement of water in the body. The body undulating in every way, and recalls the image of a moving snake. It is the spirit, the conscious heart, it awakens the subtle perceptions and the wisdom, by its action on the brain and the spine. It has an action on the deep energies; central nervous system, functioning of the autonomic nervous system, hormonal system and blood circulation. Facilitates relaxation and fluidity and acts on depression. It favors the production and circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain, calms the emotional heart, in favor of the intention and the awakened Spirit.


The last of the series to work the internal spiral and the strength of the legs. Open the hips wide, massage the internal organs as well. The right side is also worked as well as the left, which benefits the stimulation of the brain, in the same way as the previous ones. The dragon is a mystical animal, and the synthesis of different animal qualities, such as flying through the skies, walking on earth, and swimming through the waters.

The animal in the form of a serpent, lion claws, and eagle wings, which breathes fire through its mouth, is known as a dragon. ... The dragon represents struggle, strength, and is seen as a guardian who helps maintain the order that leads to the beginning of a universe, or the discovery of a sacred place.


It is simple in movement, yet very deep in inner wisdom. It is an excellent exercise in terms of regulating the quality of functioning of the liver, as well as the connective tissues of the body related to it (the fasciae, the tendons, ligaments and muscles).

It increases flexibility and range of motion, blood circulation, and digestion, as well as reducing contractions and strengthening the arms, legs, and spine.

Grow like a tree, or also called ZHAN ZHUANG GONG

It is one of the basic pillars of how to develop an enhanced flow of life force in the human body.

Being also a standing meditation, it allows to center and calm the mind, while one releases the internal tensions.
It is great practice and one of the ways to restructure a body and recover from injury or injury. It has many benefits, the most important being to boost the immune system.

The three circles were developed to initiate the teachings of Tai Chi in a simple and effective way. The good thing about this type of exercise is that it gives a lot of quality to human movement. It is focused on well-being, and works both the right part and the left part of the body.

Strengthens the legs, makes the tissues more flexible, and allows fluid movement. Over time, it is possible to go much deeper in terms of the internal nuances that are made under the skin, the non-visible side but that enhances what is seen (spirals, open / close, stretch / shrink soft tissues, etc.).

It is like an iceberg, what you see is only the small part of the whole. And this is what will allow me to give the same exercise to all the participants, from one year to the next, but with a more refined depth, year after year.

How to breathe in order to give a good massage to all the internal organs, and learn to calm the mind and expand the breath.

Excellent for improving sleep, calming stress. It is a practice that can be done alone for hours to fully integrate it. And once integrated, it is an integral part of Chi kung or Tai chi exercises.

It can be done at any time of the day, anywhere and you don't need anything other than yourself, wherever you are, whatever you do (sitting, standing, wa

These exercises are inspired by very ancient shamanic practices of a ritual and warrior character. The Five Animals exercises combine mind, figure, and breath. In these exercises a total and complete integration of mind, spirit, body, breath and movement is necessary.
Very interesting and playful.

What results do each animal give us?


Power and quiet strength that can explode at any moment.
Alternation between work on muscles and tendons, contraction / relaxation.
Hard on the outside and flexible on the inside.

It stretches the muscles, releases tensions, activates the blood, dissipates what is stagnant in the liver. Strengthens the Jing (the essence) of the kidneys, heart and lungs. The look is brilliant, his spirit is expressed through his eyes (liver). Its power is in its claws (connection work with the fingers). Concentration on Ming Men.


Serenity, calm, majestic animal, and calm strength, power and nobility. Live and fast, it is the symbol of sexual vitality and longevity. It is very strong when running, and uses its horns to mark its territory. Observe everything around you with vigilance.

It tones the kidneys, stimulates the vital essence and fortifies the bones and the brain. Eliminates joint pain in the pelvic floor and legs. 


Powerful and loose force (simultaneously slow, strong, stable and flexible). He is carefree, although he can be fearsome and terrifying. Gentle on the outside, flexible and mobile on the inside. Walking very flexible, it seems to have no bones (like a sack of skin inside which waves of water move).

Find immobility in movement. Encourage rooting, stability, promote self-confidence. It strengthens the spleen and the stomach, dispels the fire of the liver and lowers the fire of the heart. Improves digestion, sleep, efficacy against hypertension. Strengthens the body as a whole and produces a good massage of all the viscera. Concentration on the Dan Tien, which drives the Chi to the lower abdomen, and lowers the center of gravity.


Agility, vivacity, inconstancy (the look is very lively). It is curious and unpredictable, flexible and light, also fearful. Very relaxed, he easily dodges the attacks of other animals. It represents wisdom and detachment. Use the limbs, the head, the eyes and the whole body, while inside, one is serene.

It stimulates the heart, improves blood circulation, favoring amplitude and speed associated with breathing. It refines the sight, the hearing, and calms the spirit, thus regulating happiness. Concentration to the navel.


On the ground, she has a slightly stiff demeanor, like a pretentious and arrogant grand lady. During the flight, it is free and without any restrictions; expresses freedom, grace, and balance. Natural nobility, and awareness of the vertical axis.

Harmonization of the water of the kidneys and the fire of the heart (strengthens the kidneys, calms the heart). Activates blood circulation and increases respiratory capacity. Helps against fatigue and general weakness. It works on the opening of the rib cage, breathing, and the loosening of the upper extremities, to stimulate and strengthen the lungs. Unlock your upper back, shoulders, and arms. The focus is on the Dan Tien (lower abdomen) and the Ming Men (lower back).

In the field of massages, there are many techniques, different surnames, and multiple origins of teachings. The big difference with this way of giving a massage session is that the one who gives, never judges, analyzes, or criticizes; it is only in what the moment asks of it and what the person needs. At no time am I here to change, transform, or repair someone. I am listening, sharing and accompanying the patient in silence (peace feels).

And that's when the magic appears. The essence in terms of the technique comes from Thai massage, the cranial sacrum, energy and Rebalancing bodywork. But when the session begins, you forget all this, and you tune in to the being that is on the table.

What is Arun?

In the words of its creators Anubuddha and Anasha, my mentors for 7 years: “A good Arun practitioner has tremendous love and gratitude for the mystery of his own body and inner consciousness. You have learned to feel in "this moment" touch, without judging, analyzing or comparing, to touch the natural life of the body with an attitude of unconditional acceptance. He uses his touch in a safe and intimate way, which helps the body and mind to relax and the inner consciousness to expand ”.

Dr. Madan Kataria

"We do not laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh"

Laughter Yoga is a concept introduced by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Bombay, India. It is a method that starts from the idea that you can laugh for no reason.

During the session we realize that laughter is contagious and it does not matter if it is real or simulated at first. However, we invite hotel guests to play fun games to experience the power of laughter, and we do various mindful breathing exercises.

An important element of this proposal is to stimulate breathing, release tensions, worries, thoughts. Laughter helps to release physical, emotional and mental stress. Additionally, it integrates the participants creating a special atmosphere in the establishment. Finally, laughter increases the body's defenses and is very healing.

Laughter Yoga Sandos Atlantic
More benefits for your health

Discover the intense world of smells

The session with natural aromatherapy is the experience of mindfulness through the five senses: sight, taste, touch, hearing and especially smell.

The aim is to offer extraordinary sensations and promote contact with nature. We also improve physical, mental and emotional health. We perform meditation with different aromas and dynamics to consciously savor various products.

During the session different natural products are used. For example, edible vegetables (also from the hotel garden), fruits of the season, nuts such as raisins. To recognize the richness that surrounds us in this establishment, we can also approach plants such as lavender, aloe vera, hibiscus, spice rack...

The added value of the proposal is the practical recognition of the healing power of high quality essential oils (topical and aromatic use) and their connection with emotions and thoughts. 


Emotional liberation techniques are shared, which the participants learn in a light, light way and later apply them in daily life. Participants learn to deal with negative thoughts and emotions in order to make the best decisions