Sandos Family Support Programs

At Sandos Hotels & Resorts, our Sandistas (that's what we call our employees) are our most important resource. In order to increase the quality of life for all of our staff, we have created local alliances with organizations and companies that allow us to team up and care for our family’s wellbeing.

When it comes to medical care, the Sandos Foundation has organized health fairs, vision care programs, and dental care programs for our employees at Sandos, along with providing access to needs such as medications, surgeries, psychiatric assistance, lab analysis, and much more. We also work with local artisans who come to our resorts, where they set up markets to sell authentic souvenir items like handicrafts, traditional clothing and handmade jewelry for our guests. "




We care about our employees’ wellbeing, which is why we offer them health assistance like medication subsidies, lab studies, or surgeries, including for their spouses and children.



In order to strengthen the region’s Maya culture, we offer free sales spaces for artisans from Maya communities that belong to Xyaat (a local co-op) to help improve their economy, while also providing them with



We work together with companies, professionals, private organizations and public institutions to create benefits in a variety of social aspects. We can grow and help people together!