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Give in to relaxation at Spa Sandos, featuring a well-equipped gym and a full spa with a variety of massages and treatments. (18+)

Xcalacoco EventsXcalacoco Events

Learn to live like the ancient Mayans throughout the week with activities and performances inspired by regional history, culture and nature.

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From the young to the young at heart, the resort has endless fun-filled activities and sports for everyone to enjoy during their vacation.

  The Xcalacoco Experience
The Xcalacoco ExperienceDiscover the wonders of ancient Mayan culture

The Mayan people believe that the spirit of the jaguar lives in us all, empowering us to get out and explore. This adventurous spirit led us to this part of the Caribbean coast: an area known as Xcalacoco. In the jungles of this land, we use interactive activities that pay homage to a sacred Mayan element on different days of the week. Whether you’re experiencing one of our colorful nighttime performances, playing the ancient Mayan ball game, learning jungle survival skills, savoring regional cuisine, or meditating by a cenote, you’ll see that Sandos Caracol is much more than your typical beach resort.


Day 1: The Arrival The story of Xcalacoco begins on the beach. Mayan rowers have just rescued a castaway on a canoe journey from the island of Cozumel. When they reach the mainland, the people see that the man is different from them – white – and they are afraid. The village leader, the Chaman, orders to offer the white man up as a sacrifice to the goddess. The Chaman’s daughter, however, pleads on the man’s behalf. Overcome by fatherly love, the Chaman grants his daughter’s wish and spares the foreign man’s life.

Day 2: The Cenote Mayan legend tells the tale of a tragic love story between a brave foreigner and a beautiful Mayan princess. They met when the Chaman’s daughter saved the white man’s life when her father was about to offer him up as sacrifice. As time went on, the pair teaches each other their native languages, meeting secretly by the cenote at dark and forging a love so strong it could not be broken. One night, the Chaman catches his daughter and her new love together by the cenote. He becomes so enraged that he orders to have his own daughter and the foreigner killed. The Chaman calls on the gods themselves to see the pair put to death in an offering to Chaac, the Mayan god of rain.

Day 3: Fire of Life Ceremony In this ceremony, the crowd gathers around a clearing in the jungle to witness a Mayan ritual of darkness and fire. Surrounded by the intense heat, the Mayan Chilam gives thanks for everything the Great Creator has given us: the sacred elements of Water, Sun, Wind, Earth and Life. While the villagers dance to thunderous drums, the Xcalacoco community unites in a prayer for harmony. In this final ceremony, we promise to continue feeding the Fire of Life.

Adventure ActivitiesBike Path: Take a trip through the resort’s lush jungle and on-site attractions on a path that takes you around the beautiful property.
The Cenote Route: This wilderness path leads through the jungle past a series of natural underground springs known as cenotes.
Mangrove Path: Explore one of the most important coastal habitats along Mexico’s Caribbean coast! Our mangrove forests are filled with exotic trees and wildlife.
Mayan River: Take a tranquil boat ride through a winding river as you encounter native plants and animals along the way..

Nature ActivitiesBird Sanctuary: Admire a multitude of multicolored birds in a lush environment.
Deer Encounter: Observe white-tailed deer, one of the region’s most graceful animals, in a natural jungle habitat.
Discover the Mayan Jungle: An abundance of local wildlife lives in the jungle! You can spot over 60 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Turtle Lagoon: Several species of freshwater turtles love to cool off in our lagoons.
Iguanas: These prehistoric jungle reptiles can be found sunning themselves throughout the resort.
Mangrove Crabs: Guests love the bright colors and peculiar walk of these eye-catching crustaceans.
Plant a Tree: Sandos supports the conservation of Mexican rainforests in the state of Quintana Roo. Guests are invited to take part in this important program by planting a tree at the resort to commemorate their stay.