Environmental Reserve TourEnvironmental Reserve Tour

Our guided Sandos San Blas Environmental Reserve tours take you through the amazing natural and cultural landscapes of this unique and stunning destination.

Tenerife Golf CourseTenerife Golf Course

Two world-class golf courses offering a combined 45 holes, each course with its own challenges and beautiful scenery.

Magek SpaMagek Spa

An oasis within the resort, our Sandos San Blas Spa cares for your body and overall wellness in a calm, private setting where you can leave it all behind.

Sandos Eco Club
Sandos Eco ClubOur contribution to the environment and the community

Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf, is involved in the environment and pledges its commitment to the sustainability policy. For that reason in 2009 Sandos Hotels and Resorts created “Sandos Eco-Club”, which is in charge of all activities related to the environment, apart from cooperating with social-cultural institutions working in the community of Tenerife.

That is why Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf promotes this sustainability policy amongst its guests, staff, suppliers and collaborators, which lies in the innovation and improvement of the environmental practice and learning; this implies the reduction of the ecological mark and contributes to the care, subsistence and exploitation of our environment resources. These activities are distributed in the following actions:

- ENERY SAVING, which entails water saving, energy saving and propane gas saving.

- SELECTIVE WASTE COLLECTION, where we separate cardboard, oil, plastic, toner of printers, faxes and photocopiers, and used batteries. In addition, we have individual containers for the removal of different materials, such as work debris, mattresses, gardening waste, wood refuse, etc.

- EDUCATION. Our Sanditos Kids’ Club is one of our most important teaching points regarding the care of the environment. Amongst other activities, we introduce children to recycle plastic, cardboard and paper. This falls into the programme of manual jobs and, at the same time, we devote one day to ecological activities, where children learn to plant native species of our island.

- INFORMATION TO GUESTS. By means of signage and publicity boards, clients are encouraged to contribute to safeguard the environment by saving water when shaving or brushing the teeth, having a shower instead of a bath (60% saving of water), switching off the light when leaving the room, following the instructions of the towel change (that entails water, supply and washing product saving), placing the batteries in the relevant boxes at Reception, as well as medicaments out of use; silence periods from 08.00 to 24.00, recycling in common areas, etc.

- INCREASE OF STAFF AWARENESS FOR THE GOOD UTILIZATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND GOOD PRACTICE. We do so through talks, videos or signs. We wish to mention paper recycling, (use of both sides of paper), minimization of paper use by not printing electronic messages; contact with clients by telephone, and not written notes; or saving of any energy supply.