Environmental Reserve TourEnvironmental Reserve Tour

Our guided Sandos San Blas Environmental Reserve tours take you through the amazing natural and cultural landscapes of this unique and stunning destination.

Tenerife Golf CourseTenerife Golf Course

Two world-class golf courses offering a combined 45 holes, each course with its own challenges and beautiful scenery.

Magek SpaMagek Spa

An oasis within the resort, our Sandos San Blas Spa cares for your body and overall wellness in a calm, private setting where you can leave it all behind.

Environmental Reserve
Environmental ReserveDiscover a unique volcanic landscape overflowing with rich natural and cultural treasures

Step back in time with a guided tour of San Blas Nature Reserve, where you’ll experience the region’s wildlife, plant life and fascinating volcanic history, as well as the lifestyle of its first inhabitants. Set right by the resort, San Blas Nature Reserve has cliffs, rock formations and lava formations dating back hundreds of thousands of years. You can also see ceremonial sites and caves used by the native Guanche people.


Museum (20 minutes) Learn all about the natural phenomenons behind the San Blas Nature Reserve. You’ll see step-by-step how this volcanic land was formed, and how humans later used the area’s natural resources in their day-to-day lives.

San Blas Ravine (60 minutes) This relatively easy path is full of surprises! Apt for guests of all ages without mobility problems.

Historical Experience Tunnel (25 minutes) The Historical Experience Tunnel is a unique multisensory route where you will have the opportunity to experience the local history’s most emotional and significant moments.

A special price is available for hotel guests.

Museum Tour with Wine Exhibition
Apart from the usual route guided by our experts, Sandos San Blas includes now a new option to substitute part of the excursion for a virtual visit inside the hotel that will finish with a tasting of cheeses and wines typical of the Canary Islands. This will be a very special gastronomical experience.

A special price is offered for hotel guests.