Environmental Reserve TourEnvironmental Reserve Tour

Our guided Sandos San Blas Environmental Reserve tours take you through the amazing natural and cultural landscapes of this unique and stunning destination.

Tenerife Golf CourseTenerife Golf Course

Two world-class golf courses offering a combined 45 holes, each course with its own challenges and beautiful scenery.

Magek SpaMagek Spa

An oasis within the resort, our Sandos San Blas Spa cares for your body and overall wellness in a calm, private setting where you can leave it all behind.

Boating Lake
Boating LakeSet out onto our beautiful waters

This Tenerife Resort features an artificial boating lake surrounded by fascinating gardens filled with local plant life. Guests can use the lake for activities like kayaking, sports and a variety of games. Lake and climbing wall: To enjoy these two activities, please check our activities program upon arrival. For safety reasons, always follow the monitor instructions. The activity is valid for all customers, only depends on the intensity of each person rowing. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them. Before entering the kayak, the customer has to wear the life jacket. Their use is mandatory as a safety measure. Do not be afraid of this activity, the lake has only 1 meter deep.